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As Baby Boomers age, the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults has notably increased. Those at risk often have age-related conditions or physical, cognitive, or mental impairments necessitating reliance on others. These conditions make them easy targets for exploitation. Despite Arizona law prohibiting such exploitation, it persists due to detection challenges, particularly when elderly individuals are alone, afraid to report, or their situation goes unnoticed by family members. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help explain what legal remedies exist when such abuse is identified.

If you, or a loved one, believe there has been financial exploitation, it's crucial that you contact an attorney immediately. When you hire our law firm, The Attorney's Office, we are dedicated to assisting your family in recovering compensation and seeking justice for elder financial abuse victims. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to learn how our 20+ years of legal experience can be a resource to you.

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What is Considered a Vulnerable or Incapacitated Adult in Arizona?

In Arizona, a "vulnerable adult" is any person aged 18 or older who is unable to safeguard themselves against exploitation, neglect, or mistreatment by others. These individuals may be unable to protect themselves due to physical or mental incapacity. It's worth noting that a physical or a mental impairment is enough to deem someone vulnerable without necessarily requiring both conditions. It qualifies as long as the impairment is significant enough to interfere with individuals' ability to shield themselves from financial exploitation. The courts of Arizona have determined that even slight impairments can render someone vulnerable.

A vulnerable adult is someone whose ability may be compromised due to the following circumstances:

  • Mental illness, cognitive deficiency, or psychological disorder
  • Physical illness or disability
  • Chronic drug usage or persistent intoxication
  • Or any other cause that is not related to being a minor

These incapacitating factors render the person incapable of sufficiently understanding or making responsible decisions about their well-being.

Examples of Financial Exploitation of Adults in Arizona

Financial exploitation can have profound implications, especially for vulnerable adults, leading to significant resource depletion and detrimentally affecting their quality of life. Recognizing these harmful patterns of exploitation is the first step toward intervention, with a critical response being the engagement of experienced legal assistance.

Financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult may include any of the following examples:

  • Coercion to revise a will or estate strategy: The transgressor might pressure the victim to change vital estate planning documents like power of attorney or will. The objective is to shape the estate distribution in a manner that disproportionately benefits the abuser.

  • Modification of bank account or property title: A person familiar to the victim may manipulate them into reassigning assets into the control of the transgressor. This could involve persuading the vulnerable adult to co-title the abuser's name on assets like bank accounts, investment portfolios, automobile ownership papers, or property deeds.

  • Misuse of the elder's treasured possessions: An exploiter could find a way to convince a vulnerable adult to part with valuable items or jewelry from their residence. The exploiter aims to pawn these valuable assets for the monetary benefit of the manipulator.

  • Manipulation to donate or purchase unreasonably: Scammers find it relatively easy to impersonate a close relation, such as a grandchild, needing immediate financial aid after an incident like a car accident. They approach the elder via phone, banking on their cognitive impairment and inability to discern the deceit, resulting in the elder complying with the manipulative request.

A knowledgeable attorney is vital in these situations. They will aid in reclaiming the lost assets for the victim and actively pursue all legal remedies against the perpetrator. This dual approach involves seeking accountability, potentially securing compensatory and punitive damages, and advocating for preventive measures to dissuade similar exploitation in the future.

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