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Conservatorship in Arizona is a legal arrangement in which a court appoints a person or entity (the conservator) to manage the personal and financial affairs of an individual (the ward) who is unable to do so themselves due to age, incapacity, or disability. Disputes in conservatorship situations may arise regarding the appointment of a conservator, decision-making, financial management, or the removal of a conservator. Because of this, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side. 

If you need help with a conservatorship for a loved one or are dealing with a dispute within a conservatorship, it is important to contact an experienced litigation attorney. When working with our law firm, you will have an experienced attorney who has 20+ years of experience in the court system that handles contested probate cases. Disputes can arise in the conservatorship process, and it is important to have an experienced litigator by your side. We offer consultations to help you understand what your next steps need to be. 

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Initiating A Conservatorship In Arizona

Conservatorship is a legal arrangement designed to protect and assist individuals who are unable to manage their personal and financial affairs. In Arizona, the process of establishing a conservatorship follows specific laws and guidelines. 

To establish a conservatorship in Arizona, the interested party (usually a family member or concerned individual) must file a petition with the local probate court. It is recommended to seek the assistance of an attorney who specializes in conservatorship matters to ensure a smooth and legally compliant process.

The court will review the petition and evaluate the ward's capacity to make decisions independently. Medical evaluations and assessments may be conducted to determine the need for conservatorship. The court will also consider input from interested parties and the proposed conservator.

Disputes That Arise In The Conservatorship Process

Conservatorships are established to protect and assist individuals who are unable to manage their personal and financial affairs. However, disputes can sometimes arise within the context of a conservatorship, leading to disagreements among interested parties. 

Common Disputes in Conservatorship Situations:

  1. Appointment of a Conservator: One potential dispute may arise during the initial establishment of the conservatorship when multiple parties have differing opinions about who should be appointed as the conservator. This could involve family members, close friends, or other interested parties putting forth their preferences or concerns regarding the proposed conservator's ability to fulfill their duties effectively.

  1. Decision-Making: Disputes may arise regarding the decisions made by the conservator, particularly if interested parties disagree with certain choices regarding the ward's healthcare, living arrangements, educational options, or other personal matters. These disagreements often stem from differing opinions on what is in the best interests of the ward.

  1. Financial Management: Conflicts may emerge if interested parties question the conservator's handling of the ward's finances. Concerns may arise regarding the management of assets, investments, or the use of funds for the ward's care. Lack of transparency or suspicions of financial wrongdoing can contribute to disputes in this area.

  1. Removal of a Conservator: In some cases, interested parties may seek the removal of a conservator due to alleged incompetence, neglect, or misconduct. This may involve presenting evidence to the court and demonstrating that the current conservator is not acting in the ward's best interests.

Disputes within conservatorship situations can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. It is essential to approach conflicts with a focus on the best interests of the ward and seek resolution through open communication, mediation, or, if necessary, court intervention. If you are dealing with a dispute within a conservatorship, our office is available to provide a consultation.

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